Hi I’m Paul,

I’m the Managing Director of Historic and Vintage Restorations (HVR). I have been involved with the business since the early 2000’s and became the sole business owner in 2012.

Prior to my involvement with HVR, I had a career in corporate project management and general management both nationally and internationally.

I’ve been a motorsport enthusiast since I can remember. It all started when my mother nearly gave birth to me on the way to a Melbourne hospital in a 1924 30/98 Vauxhall – which was later aptly nicknamed ‘the flying bedstead!’.

My first car rebuild at the age of 16 was a Riley 9 Special. And my first sporting event in that car was a run at Rob Roy Hillclimb. Then followed various adventures with MG TCs, a Mini Cooper S, a MG TB race car, lots of Alfa Romeo’s, a Lotus Super 7 and a Lotus 18, an E-Type Jaguar, and an Alvis Speed 25 Special. I mis-spent many years of racing, rallying and hillclimbing… thoroughly enjoying the Australian classic and vintage motoring scene!

Now I look forward to coming to HVR every day to work on and drive cars that were only dreams in my youth!

As you can see on the website with the work we’ve undertaken, HVR is an award winning workshop that offers a complete service to owners and enthusiasts of classic and vintage cars.

My team has the capability to perform a range of work from complete restoration, to minor modification, preservation recommissioning, maintenance and historic road and race car preparation.

I offer an in-house expertise in project management, parts sourcing, freight and transport management, chassis rectification, mechanical restoration, engine building, and machining (lathe, mill, grinding, boring, etc).

I am a current FIA CAMS National Circuit licensed historic racer, competing regularly in my Group Sb log booked 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT, my Group Sa log booked 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider, and my most recent restoration, a 1968 Alfa Romeo 1750 Group Sb log booked race car, which is now enjoying time as a spirited road car.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me to discuss your motoring requirements.